Real Estate Photography

HDR Photography

HDR The letters stand for High Dynamic Range.

But what does that mean? We take multiple shots with slightly different exposures and merge them together in editing in order to capture greater detail from bright areas of the images.

Packages from $135

Why is it important?   We use the finest cameras from Canon and Nikon.  In spite of the advancements in digital cameras, the camera is unable to capture the wide range of light dynamics that exists when shooting home interiors.   With HDR images, the image will now show what is outside the windows.

What is the benefit to you?  As you know, the first impression of your listing is essential. If home buyers aren’t sold on the images they see in your listing, chances are they will move on to someone else's listing.   A beautiful set of images will have a positive emotion associated with your listing, preparing the buyer for a positive experience when showing the home.

Basic Photography

Basic shoots are shot with single exposure images. Because there is such a wide dynamic range between the light outside and light inside the home, the windows will go white or "blow out". Typically you will not be able to see through the windows.

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Basic vs HDR images

Real world example of rooms shot without and with HDR. Please note that the main difference between the images is being able to see through the windows. The rest of the room is almost identical in both images. In both images, colors are rich, the images are sharp, and the light is balanced.


Twilight Exteriors

Emphasize your listing with a twilight photo shoot. Nothing like the warm glow of the light streaming through the windows to create the emotion of peace and warmth of a home.

Packages including twilight interiors from $400

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Twilight Interiors

Twilight Photo Shoots are not just about the exterior shots of a home. Like the exteriors, nothing brings out the warmth and inviting feeling of a home like twilight interior pictures. The light coming in through the windows is very soft and the light in the rooms is very diffused and soft. The hardness of light found in daytime shoots is gone and the windows turn a magical cobalt blue.

Twilight interior photo shoots DO include twilight exterior photos.

Packages from $400